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We've created this page to help all Chinese Scooter owner's get the most enjoyment out of their vehicle.  The GY6 engine found in almost all Chinese scooters has proven itself to be very reliable when properly maintained. If you have any tips to add  please email.

Here are few tips you really need to keep your Scooter running smoothly:

1. Always use High Quality/High Octane fuel in your scooter. We run 93 octane exclusively. We have also found that adding  a little stabilizer to each tank helps prevent the carb jets from clogging.

2. Never let your fuel level get extremely low. The fuel economy found in these engines is a large part a result of the small jets used in the carburetors. Because of this the smallest impurities can potentially clog them up. Not allowing your fuel level to get to low will prevent any debris that may accumulate in the bottom of your fuel tank from reaching your carburetor.

3.Maintain proper tire pressure. The correct tire pressure for your scooter is usually 28psi in the front and 32psi in the rear. Unlike your car or truck tires that can lose 10-15lbs of pressure before you notice any handling difference, motorcycle tires will affect handling with as little as 2-3lbs of pressure change. Under inflated tires will result in a radically shorten tire life and difficulty in turning. Over inflated tires will result in a loss of vehicle control especially in turns. Check your tire pressure EVERY time you ride. Experienced motorcyclists  know that keeping your pressure little to the high side will extend the life of your tires considerably.

4. Let it warm up! Like all motor vehicles; your scooter should be allowed to warm up properly before riding but not allowed to sit and idle for long periods of time.




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